Nestled deep in the backstreets of Cremorne, MILKED is a collaborative team of Editors, Designers

and Visual Effects Artists. Whether it be for film, commercials, television, music video or web content, we are always committed to getting the very best out of each brief. 

We provide a full range of post production services from Offline Editing, Design, Colour and Visual Effects.

So whether you're looking to collaborate on your next job or just want to bounce some ideas around,

we're always up for a chat.

Damian Dunne

Lead Artist / Creative Director

Hannah Tabak

Senior Post Producer


We love the complex and understand every idea needs a special set of skills.

From complete timeline edits to single shot composites and designs we have the right tool for the job. 

 Incorporating a mix of in-house talent and trusted freelancers we can see your job right through

from initial concept to final dispatch.


Come say hi - we'd love to have a chat. Or better yet come down to the studio so we can show you around.


We're always on the hunt for new talent. So feel free to drop us a line.

We'd love to hear from you!

So go on, get in touch.

Drop us a line +61 423 469 599

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