Half Year wrap!

hey there y'all. So I've been working like a maniac as of late and picking up a fair few new clients along the way.

Just finishing up cutting and graphic'ing a series of 15" TVCs for cinema at Urchin Associates for their Movember charity thang. Some really cool creative coming out of that project with it all shot on the Cannon 5D in Australia and the US. What isn't being shot on that camera these days! Far out it produces some sweet results. I gota get 1!

Also finished a mammoth job for ANZ with Dale which had some pretty cool typographic animations. You can check it out at my site www.milked.com.au.

Then I'm off to Iloura for a 4 week stint which should be wicked.

Then hopefully will get some September snowboarding in! Pix will be up soon. Don't be jealous...