Melbourne Victory & TAC

First job signed off for 2017! A spot we completed with Production Company About Bob and director Matt Wilson for Melbourne Victory and the TAC. Get the saws out for this track!   


Yep it's tax time and we've been doing a ton on 2D animation over the last few months. Here's a funny little character explaining the benefits of private health insurance, completed with the guys from DDB Melbourne. 

Land Rover Shanghai

It was awesome working with Land Rover and Imagination to create their latest installation at the Shanghai Motor Show. Tight turnaround, weird spec and a bunch of 3D - 谢谢

Australian Super

Completed with CHE Proximity Melbourne, we recently rolled out a series of cute 15" 2D animations for Australian Super.  

We've Moved!

Happy 2016 everyone! It's great to back after an awesome 2015.

Just a quick post to say that we have moved to 29 Jessie St, Cremorne, Melbourne. We have a great new space, that's super client friendly for all those post prod jams - while still offering all the offline, online and animation you've come to expect. So have a shower, comb your hair and come say hi in 2016!  

1 Million Women

Working with director Andreas Smetana and the charity 1 Million Women, Milked had the pleasure of donating edit and online time to the music video 'You're The Voice'. Shot across the globe in multiple locations, the video aims to bring awareness to the issue of Climate Change. This was a massive effort by a lot of people, with the video shown at the UN and at the World Climate Change Conference in Paris. A big pat on the back to everyone involved!

Alzheimers Australia

A particulalry confronting subject, Milked recently completed 4 TVCS with director Jon Webb for Alzheimers Australia. With a heavily treated Design and VFX component the result is a touching look into the world of Alzheimers. All capped off with some beautiful grading by Colourist Martin Greer. 


Working with Director Grantley Smith, Milked was super happy to have a part in the compositing for the new online Westpac spots. Everything from tree removals, plate cleanups, a ton of screen replacements and a lot of laughs were all involved for the 6 videos that went out. Great result DDB Melbourne. 

Here's a little write up on the campaign from B&T 

Lean Cuisine

Everything from green screens, product replacements, plate cleanups, particle creation and a ton of roto was all needed to bring the director Charles Willliams latest spot from Lean Cuisine to life. 

MasterCard By BUCK

Love everything about this 2D character animation from BUCK. A number of really cool techniques plus the shear scale of it! Epic! Wonder how they were able to test it all before the actual day...  

Australian Pork

It wouldn't be Christmas without some pork on your fork. Milked offlined and onlined this spot for Australian Pork with Director Jon Webb and some sweet grading by Martin Greer. 


A good look into the production and post production behind the company that is... Brainfarm

VFX Breakdown

Milked recently had the pleasure of working with Stuart Gosling and the guys over at Storylab and Isobar (Visual Jazz). The job was to do some sky replacements on a fairly tricky shot - turning a mid afternoon into a dusk type of feel.

The backbone of my workflow was SynthEyes for a 3D camera track and rotoscoping, while all the comp'ing was handled in After Effects. Check out the little making of.